Iran Cohort Consortium (ICC)

Iran Cohort Consortium (ICC) is a virtual network of the Iranian population-based cohort studies and research centers with experience on related issues to enhance the power of cohort studies and direct their goals and aspiration more effectively with a view to addressing health problem issues in Iran.

Considering the growing trend of cohort studies, the idea of establishing the Iran Cohort Consortium (ICC) was introduced in 2014 by the Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and it was approved by Deputy of Research and Technology in Ministry of Health and Medical Education in 2015. The fundamental goals of ICC are:

- Answering to health problems not easily addressed in a single study through pooling data and promoting joint projects

- Setting national research priorities in line with the mission of ICC

- Integration of research to prevent parallel works and avoid additional costs

- Establishing international cooperation with global research networks

Iran Cohort Consortium tries to facilitate the collaboration of cohort studies by holding periodic joint meetings with the Principal Investigators of the cohort studies. Iran is a pioneer in the promotion of population-based cohort studies in the region and we hope to provide appropriate conditions for answering health care questions by improving national and international collaboration of cohort studies.

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